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Honoring the great Drag Racers of the day from 1900 to 1973
2016 DRHOF.com Inductees to be crowned at Chrysler Nationals


This year, the 2016 Inductees will see DRHOF.com's, Harry Laplatte, make the trip from his home base in Jupiter, FL to present the awards at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, July 15-17. Presentation will be on Saturday, the 16th at the Golden Commandos tent/display area. The event features over 2500 Mopars of all shapes and sizes, plus new model Chrysler products, a manufacturers midway, a swap meet and lots more to hold your interest. Headlining the activities this year will be Richard Petty of NASCAR fame! (6/27/2016)





DRHOF.com Inductee presentations a success............

Carlisle, PA (7/16/16) - DRHOF.com's Harry Laplatte, along with Marco DeCesaris made the trip to the Chrysler at Carlisle event in grand style, where they met Jim Hall and the Golden Commandos. The meeting was in the planning stages for some time and the Inductee plaques were presented to the members on hand. Per Harry, the show was great and getting to chat with these icons of Drag Racing was definitely a privilege to me! (7/21/2016)





Marco Decesaris presents Golden Commando,
Jim Hall his DRHOF.com 2016 Inductee plaque.
Several other team members were also on site.


DRHOF.com 2016 Inductee process underway.............

We have started the selection process for the 2016 inductees and the first person chosen is Annunziata Romano, better known in the racing community as Nunzi. Nunzi is without a doubt one of the true throwbacks to the past specializing in the performance, tuning and development of Pontiac engines. Starting back in his shop in Brooklyn, NY in the 1960's, he went on to build and race some of the quickest and fastest Pontiac powered vehicles in the country.

Along with Nunzi several other inductees shall be announced in the coming months with presentation ceremonies to be announce as well. (1/13/16)

Golden Commandos Drag Team joins 2016 DRHOF.com Inductee List....

Well known in drag racing circles in the 1960's was a group of Chrysler employees, all engineers, technicians and mechanics, that worked out of the Central Engineering Department in Highland Park, MI. Their initial foray included (3) three Plymouth's chosen to complete at the 1963 NHRA

Winternationals in Pomona, CA. If you recall, this was the era that paid homage to the saying, "Race on Sunday sell on Monday!" The team was also instrumental in the birth of the funny car when they started pushing the so called envelope and altering the wheelbase of their cars and progressing to the first flip top body in 1967. Needless to say, the Golden Commandos were a group of dedicated race aficionados that contributed much to the then burgeoning sport of drag racing. (4/20/2016)

Bob Gerdes / Circus Custom Paint claims final 2016 Inductee spot....

During the 60's and 70's race cars had wild beautiful paint jobs prior to the inclusion and financial backing of corporate sponsors where the cars became rolling billboards with gigantic logos pushing products. Some say this was the demise of the iconic styles, but Bob Gerdes of Circus Custom Paint was without a doubt the foremost painter of race cars in the northeast! Bob painted many cars throughout the years, but we all remember the likes of "Jungle" Jim's Chevrolet Funny Cars, Ken Poffenberger's Corvair F/C and many more.

Bob and his crew are still painting cars at the Farmingdale, NJ shop. (6/13/2016)


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